Video Streaming/Playback Problems

Video playback issues are usually down to a few key factors which we have detailed below. We recommend checking through this list as this covers almost all eventualities when it comes to video problems when hosted on Amazon or similar:

1) The video isn't encoded properly for web play (this can still mean it plays when you use the direct URL, but wont be compatible with video players.  To fix this, ensure you have followed the steps in the video encoding tutorial to get your video in a more web friendly format: <a href=""></a>

2) Your video is too large in size.  Generally, web videos should be as small as possible (whilst still retaining picture quality) in order to stream as fast as possible.  As a general rule of thumb, we don't advise to go higher than 3-4mb per minute maximum (less if possible).  We advise to use a software like (free) to compress your video, and test some different bandwidth or file size settings until you find a solution for you.

3) It's also worth checking the actual dimensions of your video. Our Video players use a maximum size of 900px x 506px on the launch pages, and 570 x 321px for squeeze pages. Anything over these dimensions is likely to be unncessary and increases file size.  You can also reduce the size of the video on either of these pages in the video settings when using your own hosted video.

4) Check your video has the correct ACL settings if being hosted on amazon. This is the permissions settings and can lead to your video being "access denied" or similar if not set properly.   You can find a great tutorial on how to setup amazon (and cloudfront for faster streaming) on this site:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

5) Check the filename of your video does NOT contain any spaces.  If it does, these sometimes appear as "%" in the filename, and will not be interpreted right by our video players.  If this is the case, rename the file on your computer and re-upload it to your S3 Account.
<h3>Other Important Notes</h3>
If you are using our video player and video controls, please note these will only function for videos hosted on your own site/server or Amazon S3 (recommended). If you have used any kind of embedded video from Youtube, EVP, EZS3, or any other external source, our video controls will not affect these videos as they use their own players.