Using W3 Total Cache with OptimizePress

You can use the W3 Total Cache plugin with OptimizePress for helping to speed up your site, but please be aware that using some of the features can cause issues with the running of your OptimizePress site.

The main options we use are:

Page Cache: Enabled
Page Cache Method: Disk Enhanced
Object Cache: Enabled
Object Cache Method: Disk

In the Miscellanious section we also have these options activated:

- Varify rewrite rules
- Enable news dashboard widget
- Enable Google page speed dashboard widget

Obviously some options will depend on your own server settings to so if in doubt you may need to check with your server/hosting company.  Some server setups also require you to make custom changes to php files on the server - this is not something we can help with so please again check with your hosting company on this.

It's also important to always clear the cache of your site when adding pages as they may not appear.

One final thing - if you're running a launch funnel you may want to test it works across multiple browsers with caching enabled as some of our users have had issues with this. If you have issues you can always turn off caching for specific pages in the page caching options section