Troubleshooting Starter Guide

We often see many of the same questions and issues which can be easily resolved, so we have put together this list of steps to take before you search for another answer as this may resolve your problem instantly.

1) Check you are running the latest version of WordPress. OptimizePress requires version 3.3 or higher of WordPress, so please ensure you are running the latest version on your hosting.

2) Check you are using the latest version of OptimizePress. This is currently version 1.57. You can check this by clicking the "Appearance" tab on the left WordPress menu, then click "Themes". You will then see information about your current OptimizePress theme including the version number. If you are running an outdated version, please download the latest update from the members area and follow the instructions here to update

3) Disable any Caching plugins if you have any active - these can sometimes store old versions of your pages and stop you seeing updates you are making.

4) We also advise disabling all plugins if you are encountering an issue with OptimizePress as it is possible that our system is conflicting with an installed plugin. If you find the issue is resolved when you disable your plugins, reactivate them one-by-one until you discover which is causing the issue.

5) Check you only have one Optimizepress installed in your Themes folder.

6) Check your OptimizePress theme is installed in the following directory
All of this theme’s files are located in wp-content/themes/OptimizePress.

If your files are located in a different folder, this can cause issues with the file directories and paths. Sometimes people install OptimizePress inside a dual folder so /themes/OptimizePress/OptimizePress - this will break some functions of the theme so ensure you have your theme in the correct directory.

You can check this by activating the default wordpress theme to see where OptimizePress is installed on the Appearance > Themes page

7) Set the permissions/CHMOD the wp-content/uploads directory in wordpress to have 777 permissions. This will fix any issues with uploading headers and graphics within OptimizePress.

8) Check with your host that you are running PHP5 or above. If you are running PHP4 or lower, you will get errors with some of the functionality in our theme. We have encountered this problem on Bluehost and a few other hosts.

9) Check you have the following folders and they are set with the correct permissions:

OptimizePress/cache (should be set with 777 permissions - this can be done via FTP or Cpanel)
wp-content/uploads (should be set with 777 permissions)

If you are still having problems, please search the forum first as most common issues are answered here already. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, post a thread in the relevant forum.