Troubleshooting Checklist

If you are having problems with your OptimizePress site, please
follow this checklist first to help isolate the issue

Step 1:
 Ensure you are running the latest version of OptimizePress. You can find the latest version in the members area.  If you need update your version of OptimizePress, follow the update tutorial

Step 2: Ensure your version of WordPress is up to date.  You must be running version 3.3 or above, but we recommend running the latest version which you can find inside your WordPress site by checking the Dashboard > Updates section from the left WordPress menu

Step 3: Disable ALL plugins on your site.  Certain plugins may conflict with OptimizePress, or incompatible with your version of WordPress.  This can mean that you get errors on your pages, or certain functions inside OptimizePress stop working.  You can disable all plugins by going to the “Plugins” section on the left menu and then disable your plugins.

If you cannot disable plugins inside WordPress, you may need to remove them manually via FTP.

Step 4: Check your hosting/server is running the latest version of PHP.  WordPress and OptimizePress require PHP version 5.3 or above, so you may need to check this with your hosting company and advise them to update your PHP version if it is outdated.  (1&1 and Bluehost are known to be affected by this issue in some cases). Please note many hosts do not have PHP 5.3 installed as standard so please check this with your web host

Step 5: Check with your host that they have PHP shortcodes enabled. If you dont have these enabled you may not be able to use some functions of OptimizePress or it may not function correctly

Step 6: Check with your hosting company that the cURL PHP function is enabled (this is one of the most common causes for our site licensing system not working as it uses this function to license your site