Setup Headers & Logos in OP

How to Prepare Your Header Image Files

The first step in getting your header setup in OptimizePress is to prepare the image files you need.  You will require TWO image files for setting up your header on most page templates in OptimizePress.

These are:

1) Your Main Header Image. This should be 977 pixels wide, and whatever height you wish (we recommend around 150-200 pixels maximum).  We recommend using either JPEG or PNG file formats.  See an example here.  Note that unless you are overlaying a logo onto your header, the header would have your logo/graphics on it

2) Your Header Slice/Full Width Background Image. This should be the SAME HEIGHT as your main header image, and should be a "slice" matching the main background color of your header  image.  This image will be repeated/tiled across the back of your header to give the impression that your header has stretched the full width of your page (on all full width page templates, membership templates and squeeze page header templates).  See an example here

If you are using a header background from our graphics pack, you will also find a background slice image in the "Header Full Width" folder with the suffix of "bk" on the image, for example :

Main header image: header-red2.jpg
Header Back Image/Full Width: header-red2bk.jpg