Prepare Video For Web

In this video I will show you the exact process we use to prepare our videos for web playback using the Handbrake encoder available from

Here are the steps:

Once you have downloaded the Handbrake software and installed it on your computer, you can begin the conversion process.

1) Open the Handbrake software

2) Handbrake will ask you for your original video source file - so you would go ahead and select your original video file from the file browser

3) Select a destination for your video file by clicking the "browse" button. If you do not pick a destination for the optimized file, it will most likely default to your computer desktop

4) Select the 'iPhone and iPod Touch' preset from the presets menu on the right of your Handbrake window

5) Ensure you tick the "web optimized" check box (this will deselect the 'iPhone and iPod Touch' setting from the presets - don't worry about this).

6) Ensure the format is set to 'MP4'. If your video file ends in "M4V" you need to go into the Handbrake preferences and then uncheck the "Use iPod/iTunes friendly (.M4V) file extension for MP4 - this will ensure your video is output in MP4

7) Click the "Start" button at the top of your screen (green button). This will start the conversion process.

8) When the process is complete, the software will notify you. Your new web optimized video is now ready.