OptimizePress Won’t Accept My License Key

Before you do anything, please check you are running the latest version of OptimizePress (you can check your version inside wordpress against the version inside the members area to see this).

If you are running the latest version, please check the following:

1) When you go to the licensing page, do the domains you previously entered show up as saved in the box? If not, then you have missed an important step in the licensing process. You need to go to the licensing page and follow the instructions which start with “important” which will link you to our thank you page where you need to input your domains there. This just creates the initial record for your license. You can then use the licensing page from now on, and you will see when you save and return to the page, your domains are listed there. (this is the most common issue with licensing)

2) Check that when you enter your domains into the licensing system, they are entered with no spaces between each domain, only separated by a comma (,). For example http://www.yourdomain.com,http://www.yourdomain2.com. Also ensure there are no line breaks between domains – your domains SHOULD NOT be on a new line for each domain.

2) Ensure that if your domain is setup with “www” in the domain (you will see this in your browser) it also needs to be setup like this in the license page. Sohttp://yourdomain.com is treated as different to http://www.yourdomain.com

3) Ensure that your domains are entered in all lower-case letters

4) If you receive a strange hosting error message, it is possible your hosting doesn’t have the cURL function enabled (most hosts do now have this) but if you receive an error message related to that, speak to your hosting provider and ask them to enable cURL on your hosting

5) Ensure that you have NO SPACES before or after the license key (usually your email address) when you enter it into the field on your website in the special license field