My License Isn’t Being Accepted or I Can’t License New Site

One of the most common questions we get is regarding people not being able to license their sites correctly. 99% of the time this is due to missing out part of the licensing process, or an error with the entry into the licensing system.

This short guide will help you through the steps you need to take to license your sites easily and quickly.

Before you do anything, please check your site meets the minimum requirements:
- You are running the latest version of OptimizePress
- You are running version 3.2 or higher of WordPress
- You are running PHP 5.2 or higher on your server
- Your site is NOT located on a local server - it must be on a professional web host and linked to a domain (you cannot use OptimizePress on a local host setup)

IMPORTANT: Please also remember, when trying to license your pages, you need to click the "Submit Query" button directly below the box where you entered the license key - DO NOT click the "Save Changes" WordPress button at the bottom the page as this will not send the licensing common (this is a common mistake people make)

Once you have varified the above please check the following:

1) When you go to the licensing page, do the domains you previously entered show up as saved in the box? If not, then you have missed an important step in the licensing process. You need to go to the licensing page and follow the instructions which start with "important" which will link you to our thank you page where you need to input your domains there. This just creates the initial record for your license. You can then use the licensing page from now on, and you will see when you save and return to the page, your domains are listed there. (this is the most common issue with licensing)

2) Check that when you enter your domains into the licensing system, they are entered with no spaces between each domain, only separated by a comma (,). For example, Also ensure there are no line breaks between domains - your domains SHOULD NOT be on a new line for each domain.

3) Ensure that if your domain is setup with "www" in the domain (you will see this in your browser) it also needs to be setup like this in the license page. So is treated as different to

4) Ensure that your domains are entered in all lower-case letters

5) Ensure there are no spaces before or after your license key

6) If you receive a strange hosting error message, it is possible your hosting doesn't have the cURL function enabled (most hosts do now have this) but if you receive an error message related to that, speak to your hosting provider and ask them to enable cURL on your hosting

If you are still having issues after checking the above, please submit a support ticket at the helpdesk (with your site URL and admin logins), but usually the issue is due to issue 1 of this checklist so please double check this before submitting a ticket to us.