Link Facebook Likes To Fan Page

When you add our comments system in OptimizePress you will note that a like button is also added above your comments. Some of our users have asked if it's possible to set the likes here to actually add to their Facebook Page rather than their launch page.

This is possible by changing the custom field we have in the overall page settings - called "custom page share URL". You would enter the URL of your facebook page, for example and this should add the likes to your Facebook page rather than your launch/sales page

A few important notes on this:

1) Note that if you set the likes to "like" your Facebook page, then that is also the URL that will be shared - so if other people see the "like" on their friends Facebook feed, it will like them to your Facebook page, and not to the launch site (so you lose some of the viral aspect of the like feature)

2) We're not sure how long Facebook will allow this feature to be available for - we have a feeling they may pull it, as it doesn't always work 100% - so please do not contact us if it doesn't work, it's likely to be that Facebook has disabled this feature, or it is a temporary glitch in the FB system