Integrating With Nanacast

This video shows you how to integrate with Nanacast.  If you would like to try out Nanacast you can give their system a test drive by clicking here

Nanacast Integration Basics

1. Ensure that you follow the tutorial on the Nanacast site to setup your membership and enable the Nanacast API system which integrates with WordPress. You can find the Nanacast Memberlock tutorial here:

2. Set each of your membership pages to use the "(WP Secured)" templates

3. Send your members to your members home page when you want them to login. If they are not logged in, they will see a login form automatically generated by our system

4. You can customize your login page text in the OptimizePress > Membership Options page section (the box called "Login Page Text"). Here's some example text for your login page :


<h2>The PRODUCT NAME Members Area Is For Members Only</h2>

Welcome to the PRODUCT NAME Members Area. Access to this area is now for authorized members only. Please use your username and password that we sent you when you purchased to get access.<br><br>


How To Create A Logout Button

You may wish to add a logout button to your membership navigation bar. To do this, go into your custom menu (you should have created your custom menu follow the membership menus tutorial). Once in your custom menu, use the custom links box to create a custom link. for the URL add:


Memberlock Installation

Before you follow the steps in the video you will need to setup Memberlock and Nanacast to work with WordPress.  You can follow the tutorial on this on the page below: