I Get A “Task 5″ error when using the Video Shortcode

The Task 5 video error can be caused by a range of different issues. Please check below:

  1. Ensure that none of your shortcode is hyperlinked.  If you look at your shortcode for your video in the visual editor, if any of the code appears blue and underlined, it’s likely that some of it has become hyperlinked, which will break the shortcode and show the Task 5 error. To fix this, click the hyperlinked text and then click the break link icon in the visual editor. This is the icon that looks like a chain link breaking. This should remove the hyperlink
  2. This can also be caused by your video not having permission to play on external sites.  If you are hosting with Amazon S3 we recommend you check our our video in the Video For Web section of the main members area http://www.optimizepress.com/members for more information about how to host your videos with Amazon. Essentially you need to set the ACL settings so that everyone has permission to view your video.  If you are using YouTube it’s possible that the video has embedding or playback on external sites disabled.
  3. This error will also occur if your videos are not optimized for web playback. We recommend watching the video for web tutorial in the members area for more information on how to prepare your videos for web playback