How To Use The Video Shortcode

OptimizePress now includes a video shortcode so you can drop in videos into your pages, as long as they are hosted by you (on hosting like AmazonS3 or similar) rather than free video hosts.

1) First, click the shortcodes library icon to and choose the video icon.

2) Next, click "Add To Page". This will add the shortcode to the page

3) You will see code like this added to your page:

[video video_url="" + width="640" + height="360" + video_id="video1" + video_image="" + controlbar="bottom"] [/video]

4) You now need to modify the values in the shortcode:

- Replace with your own video URL. For example

- Replace the width and height values with your video height and width- If you are using more than one video shortcode on your page, modify the "video1" value to "video2" etc

- If you want to use a video image for your video when it is paused/waiting to start, enter the url of the image to replace the value

- You can change the control bar settings to "bottom" (controlbar shown at bottom of video), "over" (controlbar will be shown over video and hide after a few seconds) or "none" (no controlbar will show)