How To Use the Facebook Comments System

Facebook comments can be used on Squeeze pages, sales pages, launch pages and membership pages in OptimizePress. They are a great way to engage your audience and get more feedback and social proof which can encourage other visitors to stay on your site longer or buy from you.

To setup Facebook Comments, you need to follow these steps:

1) Ensure you are using the latest version of OptimizePress. We changed some of the Facebook comments system in versions above 1.3, so ensure you are using the latest version

2) Now you need to go to the Facebook App Setup page to setup your new APP which will be linked to your Facebook Comments system. First go to : (you will be prompted to login if you are not logged in to Facebook - of course you will need a Facebook account for this)

3) Enter in your App Display Name which should be your site name. Leave the other field blank and tick the agree box to agree to the terms and conditions (you may wish to read these first):

4) Complete the Captcha page by entering the security key:

5) Your app should now basically be setup, but you need to ensure you complete some important fields on the APP setup page. Once you have done this click the "Save Changes" button

6) Finally inside your OptimizePress site you need to enter the APP Id into the OptimizePress General settings section:

8) You're done - that is your Facebook comments setup.

Occassionally Facebook comments do have intermittent issues which we cannot do anything about. Please also bear in mind we cannot help with the Facebook Application ID process - you will need to follow Facebook's own support if you have issues with this.