How to Setup Your Membership Pages

In this section you can find the complete tutorial series for setting up a membership site with OptimizePress. Important: OptimizePress provides a template system for your membership site, but does not provide the actual site security or member management systems.

You will need to integrate with one of our recommended services/scripts in order to manage your members and page security. You can find tutorials on how to integrate with our recommended scripts linked from the bottom of this page.

We recommend watching all membership tutorials before integrating with your chosen service

Membership Setup Tutorial 1: Overview & Membership Settings

Membership Setup Tutorial 2: How to structure your membership site

Membership Setup Tutorial 3: Customizing Page Content & Templates

Membership Setup Tutorial 4: Adding Content, Shortcodes & Video

Membership Setup Tutorial 5: Setup The Membership Horizontal Navbar

Membership Integration Tutorials:

- Integrating OptimizePress & Wishlist

- Integrating OptimizePress & Digital Access Pass (DAP)

- Integrating Nanacast & OptimizePress

- Integrating S2Member & OptimizePress