How to Fix ‘inc-page-links’ Error

If you had your sales funnel/launch funnel setup in a version of OptimizePress prior to version 1.2, and then upgrade your theme, you may encounter an error on some of your pages which mentions 'inc-page-links' in the error code.  This is because in version 1.2 and above, we setup a new launch system and your site needs to be reconfigured for the new system.

Follow the steps below to setup your site for the new system:

1) Firstly, ensure that you are using the very latest version of OptimizePress (you can find this listed on the home page of this site)

2) Next, you need to setup the funnel options from the Funnel options. If you are using a funnel nav, setup the items in the funnel config. If you're not using the funnel, just set the funnel items to 0.

3) We now recommend watching the following videos to clarify how to setup your pages and launch funnel using our new system

Version 1.2 Update Tutorial including new launch system

Launch Setup Using New System