How To Fix Aweber Tracking / Form Display Tracking

Currently due to the way our autoresponder integration system works, it often strips out the aweber tracking code which tracks the number of times your form has displayed.  This can make it difficult to track form displays, and therefore more difficult to split test your optin pages.  Follow the steps below to fix the tracking code on any of your squeeze pages or optin forms if you're using Aweber:

1) Look in your original aweber autoresponder HTML and find a line which looks similar to:

&lt;div style = " display: none; "&gt;&lt;img src = " " alt = " "  /&gt; < / div>

Once you have located this code, you need to copy it and paste it into the "hidden fields" field below the main form fields, along with the code that is already in there.  This will ensure it is rendered to the page and your aweber account should start tracking form displays

<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Note: </span></strong>it can take a little while for the form displays to register in aweber - give it at least an hour after adding the code and testing for displays to start appearing.