How do I link my squeeze page to my sales letter?

If you want to send visitors who opt-in to your squeeze page directly to your sales letter this can be done by configuring your thank you page or confirmation page in your autoresponder to be the URL of your sales page.

To do this we recommend following the tutorial videos in the members area on how to integrate with the autoresponder you are using (we have the major autoresponders covered there).  At the stage where you setup the redirect or thank you page, you should enter the URL of your sales page (this must have been created and published in your site first in order for you to set the URL here).

When you then import your autoresponder code from your autoresponder company into the squeeze page Autoresponder code field, the redirect will be set so that when the form is submitted, the visitor is directed to your sales page instantly.

Here's a quick outline of the steps (follow the specific tutorials in the members area for more information)

  1. Create your squeeze page and publish it - you don't need to add all your content yet just ensure it is created and published.
  2. Create your sales page - again, you don't need to add all your content yet but you need to save and publish it.  Once you have published it, copy the URL of the sales page which will be shown at the top of the page (you should also ensure at this stage that you have set your permalinks to /%postname%/ if you haven't already
  3. Go to your autoresponder and create your web form. Set the autoresponder thank you page or confirmation page to be the URL of your sales page that you copied earlier
  4. Export the HTML web form code from your autoresponder company site and insert into the autoresponder code field of the squeeze page you have created
  5. Save the squeeze page and test your squeeze form - you should be redirected to the sales page after you have submitted the form.

If you are not redirected, go back over the steps again and check the specific tutorials on your autoresponder in the members area (please note we try to provide tutorials for the most popular autoresponders and recommend using one of these companies if you have issues with other providers