How do I integrate with InfusionSoft?

Whilst we cannot really advise on how to integrate with InfusionSoft, we can advise on what is most common practice.

Integrating InfusionSoft Autoresponder With Squeeze Pages

Firstly, if you want to use InfusionSoft for your mailing list system, and link this with our squeeze pages, you should ensure that when you create an optin form/lead capture form in InfusionSoft you use the HTML form code and not any javascript form code.  You should also ensure that if you are collecting name and email fields, the fields are in that order (Name, Email).  You should then be able to use the web form / optin form code from InfusionSoft directly inside the autoresponder code field of the OptimizePress squeeze page custom field or sales page custom field if you are using an optin form there

Integrating InfusionSoft Members & Payment Systems

We do not have advanced knowledge of how to integrate with InfusionSoft beyond using the autoresponder coding.  What many of our members do is use the InfusionWP plugin ( which allows you to link InfusionSoft to your WordPress site - and you can use this to secure your membership pages built with OptimizePress so that your InfusionSoft products can be delivered inside your OptimizePress/Wordpress members area

As far as we are aware, InfusionSoft does not have a natural integration with WordPress so this is the most popular method of integrating the two based on feedback from our members.  For more assistance with integrating these two please either check the InfusionWP support or hire a web developer to assist with the integration