How Do I Create Blog Posts/Pages In OptimizePress?

Creating a blog with OptimizePress is very simple. First, create a PAGE and select the “Blog Template” from the templates dropdown. Next, give your blog page a name, which will be the extension for your blog. For example, you can set the name to “blog” and provided you have your permalink structure to /%postname%/ then your blog page will reside at

You can now customize your blog page using the Blog Page Options in the main OptimizePress control panel. You can then add your blog posts as you normally would. For more training on using the blog system, click here to access the training dashboard tutorials (note you will be required to login)

Set Your Latest Blog Posts As Home Page

To set your listing of your latest blog posts as your home page, first follow the steps above to create a blog listing page. Ensure you publish this page.  Then go to Settings > Reading inside WordPress and change TOP drop down menu to be the page that you just published. This will show a listing of your latest blog posts with a small summary of each on your website home page

Creating A Blog Content Page

If you want to create a page which shows content and is not a blog post, you need to use the “Blog Page Design” template. This will use the blog style template but will allow you to add any static content you want to the page