Collect only email with Optin Boxes

If you are only collecting the email address of your visitors/prospects, you may encounter some issues when setting up your forms and optin boxes in OptimizePress.  This short tutorial is designed to show you what to look for and how to fix your issues.

This tutorial applies to all autoresponders, although the field names from your autoresponder may vary.

Setup your form in your autoresponder

Before you add your code to OptimizePress, you must first setup your web form in your autoresponder.

Follow the tutorials in our training site to setup your autoresponder correctly:

Important: If you only wish to collect email on your optin form, you must also setup your web form in your autoresponder like this.  This means you must not include any other fields in your webform when it is setup in your autoresponder, otherwise their system may give you an error message.

Paste your code into OptimizePress

When you import your code into OptimizePress, you will see the fields appear similar to below (note the "EMAIL" text may be slightly different depending on your autoresponder).

You will notice that the word "EMAIL" appears next to the "Name" field in our optin box setup. This will cause an error if you do not make any changes to your page setup - as your email field will not have a value attached to it.

Fix your optin box fields

To fix your optin box setup follow these steps:

1) Move the "EMAIL" value (or whatever appears in the box next to "Name") down to the box next to the word Email (see screenshot)

2) Uncheck the top "show" box so just the bottom "show" box is checked.

Save your page settings and provided that your other autoresponder settings are correct, your form should now work correctly

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