Aweber Autoresponder Setup

This tutorial will take you through the process of setting up integration of an Aweber autoresponder list with the OptimizePress squeeze pages or sales letter optin forms.

Login To Aweber

Create a new List

You need to create a new list to use with your squeeze page/optin form

Note if you already have your list setup you can skip this step.

Follow the on-screen prompts to setup your new list


Follow the on screen guides provided by aweber to setup your list. If you have any difficulties setting up your list, contact the aweber support

Setup Your Web Form

You now need to setup the web form for your autoresponder list.

1) Select the list you wish to use from the dropdown

2) Click the Web Forms link from the navigation bar

Create Your New Web Form

Click the Create Web Form button to create your new form

The form editor will now load.

Customize Your Web Form

Use the Aweber editor to add/remove fields you wish to use for the web form.

Do not worry about customizing your form design if you're using our built in system as our system will strip out your design and use our design instead.

Once you have completed adding the fields you want (we recommend Name and email as standard) click the "Go To Step 2" button

Setup The Thank You Page URLs (Important)

Now you need to setup the thank you page / already subscribed page URLs. As standard, Aweber uses it's own page which instructs the visitor to confirm their email before continuing. It's fine to use this option if you are just using a standard squeeze page, but if you are doing a launch funnel, we recommend the following:

1) Set the "Custom Page" type from the drop down.

2) Enter the URL of the first page of your launch funnel (followed by the /?setuser=1199 value) so if your launch page was the URL would be

You can also do this for the "already subscribed page" if you choose. You may also choose to use the "alert" feature of the launch page customization to notify your visitor that they need to confirm their email to receive updates to your launch, or you can do this within your launch material or video.

If you do not setup this step correctly your launch funnel gateway system may not function correctly

Once you have finished editing these page options, click the "Go To Step 3" button where you will be prompted to Save Your Web form (click this green button

Get Your Autoresponder Code

Now you need to get your Aweber form code

1)First you need to click the "I Will Install My Form" button

2) Select the Raw HTML Version option

3) Uncheck the "Include beautiful form styles" checkbox

4) Copy ALL the HTML code from the code window. Ensure you get all the code and either right-click and copy, or use the Cntl/command + C keyboard shortcut to copy the code

Add your code to OptimizePress

Load your OptimizePress site and in the customization options for your squeeze page / sales letter optin box, Paste the code into the Autoresponder Code field

You will notice when you click out of the box, the other fields in this section automatically complete. This is normal and is just our system completing the other fields for you.

If you are using Aweber form tracking, we recommend you also follow this tutorial:
Aweber Tracking Fix

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